Professional Legal Call Answering

When new clients phone your business, they want to know you have the legal expertise they need. When existing clients phone they expect a professional service. Our call answering solution delivers on both objectives.

When people call a business, they rightly expect their call to be answered professionally and knowledgeably. This is even more important when calling a legal professional. Often, people have to make these calls in times of uncertainty, stress, or when a major event is happening, or is about to happen, in their life

To ensure the effective handling of telephone calls, many legal professionals and businesses employ reception staff. There is another way, though.

You can tailor the OfficeEarth service to handle each call exactly how you need. With our platform, you are in complete control. This means the receptionists dealing with your calls can answer questions about the legal services you offer, handle calls from clients differently to calls from potential clients, and much more.

In fact, our local and friendly call handlers will become an extension of your team, indistinguishable from employed receptionists.

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Make Better Use of Your Time

The profitability of your business exists in your legal knowledge and the time you spend working for clients. Make better use of your time by getting us to deal with an essential administrative task – answering your phones.

The telephone is an essential tool for law firms and legal professionals. Prospective clients will seek out your number and will then call you as a first point of contact. It’s essential they have a professional-looking number to do so (i.e. not a mobile number) and that the call is then answered professionally.

Existing clients also like the ability to contact you by phone – enabling them to do so is an essential part of your service. Employed receptionists are costly, however, and doing it yourself is not an efficient use of your time. Dealing with telemarketers, being interrupted by a client call that can wait for a few hours, or missing an important call because you are on the phone, are all examples of things that damage productivity.

In addition, you’re losing clients when calls go to voicemail – up to 80 percent of prospective clients will hang up without leaving a message.

OfficeEarth is the solution. We answer every call according to your instructions leaving you time to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business and service.

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Straightforward Pricing

We keep our pricing simple so you can maximise savings in your business. With a choice of plans, no setup fees, and no contracts, you’ll never need to employ a receptionist or answer the phone yourself again

The legal industry is as competitive as any other so it’s important you save money wherever you can. We understand this. That's why we've made our prices affordable and simple to understand with no compromise on the level of service we offer. You simply pay for what you need while customising your account to deliver a tailored legal call answering service.

Pay for what you need

No setup fees

No contracts or long-term commitments

No cancellation fees

Plus, to get you started, you'll get a no obligation trial. Try OfficeEarth today.

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As a legal professional, your profit is your time so you can't waste it.

Like every business, however, you need new clients plus you must deliver a top-quality service to your existing clients. This means answering calls coming into your business, but how do you do that while making efficient use of your time? You need a professional answering service. Not just any service, however. You need receptionists who are local and understand the legal services you offer. You need call handlers who can distinguish between a telemarketer and a prospective client. You also need receptionists who understand when clients need urgent legal advice. You need OfficeEarth.


That's the percentage of callers who won’t leave you a message. What do they do instead? They call one of your competitors.


That's the percentage of callers who value service over price when deciding with whom to do business.

You could employ a full time receptionist, but that’s expensive. Not to mention they need to eat lunch and sleep occasionally.

Our receptionists will answer every call professionally because – we don’t use overseas call centers.

You’re in complete control over how we handle each call without being directly involved. Plus, your customers will love how we treat them.

Powerful Features Customised for Your Business

  • Call

    How can you ensure that professional receptionists do the right thing when answering calls for your business? Our call rules feature is the solution. Call Rules improve the service you give to customers and save you time.

    With call rules, OfficeEarth receptionists become an extension of your team, handling each call according to its type and priority. You can set up an unlimited number of options for our receptionists to follow,including new leads or enquiries, customers with specific problems, or potential new suppliers, etc.

    With each call option, you can delegate a member of your team to whom the call will be directed, as well as writing a script for the receptionist to follow and giving any other instruction that helps enhance your service and improve your business. In other words, you can fully customise the service with complete flexibility while always remaining in control.

  • Warm Call

    When you get a call, you need to know what it’s about before deciding whether to take it, return it later, or ignore it. Our warm call transfer feature does exactly this so will improve your productivity.

    You can setup your OfficeEarth account to forward calls to the right person. Our receptionists will follow your directions, finding out the purpose of the call and taking the caller’s details. The receptionist will then attempt to forward the call to the appropriate person.

    If the person you designate can't take the call, the receptionist will go back to the caller to explain their call will be returned shortly. If the receptionist can't reach the person you designate for this type of call, a message will be taken according to criteria you outline.

  • Escalation

    Do you receive calls that are business critical? Could they come in at any time of the day or night? If so, the OfficeEarth escalation service is the solution. You can have peace of mind that all mission critical calls are handled with the priority they deserve 365 days of the year, 24-hours a day.

    You create rules in your account so our receptionists immediately understand the call they are answering is critical to your business. They will then deal with it according to your escalation procedures.

    Normally, this involves placing the caller on hold and trying to reach the people you have nominated to deal with business-critical issues. If it’s not possible to immediately reach anyone, the receptionist will end the call but will continue trying to reach a member of your team until they are successful.

  • Call

    We know you’ll want to monitor the service we deliver. Our standards are the best in the industry but we also offer full transparency. So, you can listen to every call. You’ll also see other info about the call including the date and time it was received, how quickly it was answered, how long it lasted, who answered it, and the outcome.

    We don’t offer this service just to give you peace of mind, however. Call recordings will give you reassurance but you can also use them to improve outcomes for your business.

    For example, you might make a change to a script so it delivers a better service to your customers after hearing how they react on the recordings. You can also change the way our receptionists deal with new leads to your business, and much more.

  • Your company

    When we say our receptionists become an extension of your team, we mean it. One of the ways we achieve this is the FAQ feature. You can add the most common questions that callers to your business ask along with the appropriate answers. Our receptionists can use this information to directly answer queries and provide callers with information about your business to resolve the call, whilst keeping you informed.

    As with all our features, the FAQ section is fully customisable, its flexible, and you are in complete control.

    Best of all, it will save you time as you won't have to deal with repetitive questions and you won’t have to return calls when the caller's query can be answered quickly. In addition, you’ll present a more professional image to customers while also delivering a better level of service.

  • Custom

    To deal with calls effectively and efficiently, you need the right information from the caller. Without the right information, you’ll waste time – time you probably can’t afford to waste.

    Our receptionists will get the information you need on every call. They do this through custom forms you create. You can create as many forms as you need, tailoring each one to specific call types.

    You can use this information to decide how to handle the call and determine who to assign it to. This will save you time and will also make you more productive as you won't have to go back to callers to get information missed on the original call. In addition, your callers will get a better service as their call and/or query will be dealt with more promptly.

  • FREE calendar

    You need meetings and/or appointments to generate revenue, but the reality is managing your calendar is not a good use of your time. Your time is better spent delivering for your customers or growing your business, not shuffling dates around on a calendar.

    Let us do it for you. When we manage your calendar, you will save time, become more productive, and improve the service you offer to customers.

    All you need to do is give us access to your Google calendar. When a call comes in to schedule or reschedule an appointment or meeting, our receptionists will do it directly without interrupting you or taking up your time. In addition, they will follow your rules to ensure appointments are scheduled at the right time and with the right people.

  • Our

      We will answer every call that comes into your business 24/7

      Every call will be answered according to your customised settings

      We will deal with every call professionally and according to your directions

      Your callers will get the best possible service on every call

      All our receptionists are local – we don't use overseas call centers

      You will get consistently high standards of service from us

      Our service is fully transparent

      We keep our prices low and you'll only ever pay for what you need

      You will never be tied into a contract or long-term commitment

      You won't ever be charged extra fees, such as setup or cancellation fees

Plans Suitable for All Businesses

  • OE-20

    Includes 20 minutes

    Free Trial

    no credit card required for trial

    • One user included

      20 included minutes

      No Setup fee

      Free local number

      24/7 Call Answering

      Free Calendar management

      Alerts Email/Push/SMS

    • Additional Charges
    • $0.11 per SMS (optional)
    • $0.90 per call transfer (optional)
    • $2.90/min for extra minutes
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  • Most Popular


    Includes 50 minutes

    Free Trial

    no credit card required for trial

    • Five users included

      50 included minutes

      No Setup fee

      Free local number

      24/7 Call Answering

      Free Calendar management

      Alerts Email/Push/SMS

    • Additional Charges
    • $0.11 per SMS (optional)
    • $0.90 per call transfer (optional)
    • $1.50/min for extra minutes
    • More Info
  • OE-100

    Includes 100 minutes

    Free Trial

    no credit card required for trial

    • Unlimited users included

      100 included minutes

      No Setup fee

      Free local number

      24/7 Call Answering

      Free Calendar management

      Alerts Email/Push/SMS

    • Additional Charges
    • $0.11 per SMS (optional)
    • $0.90 per call transfer (optional)
    • $0.90/min for extra minutes
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